A-frames are a versatile and inexpensive form of advertising. Used widely in business, A-Frames are a non-aggressive way to attract attention to a business advertising specials, deals, services, etc. They are portable and can be placed on the footpath for increased exposure. With a once off cost for the production, they are a viable option for many business owners from national companies to small businesses, including real estates and hairdressers.

A powerful street sign can create interest and generate business in exceptional ways. This is why they are so popular.

At Queensland Signs we will work closely with you to design a lightweight sign built for impact and durability. The options are limitless. We can design your sign with a fixed panel or interchangeable panels which allow you to change your message, advertise specials, promotions, etc.

Standard sizes for A-Frames are:

  • 600 x 900mm
  • 900 x 1200mm

We specialise in custom design options, call us for further details. We have a range of A-Frames to suit any application.

Classic A-Frame – The original A-frame designed for the savvy business owner who understands the strength of advertising on the street, seizing every opportunity to promote their services, goods and products with a strategically placed advertisement.

Sandwich Boards – A blackboard or whiteboard background, enabling you to write your daily menus for display on the footpath, attracting the eye of the general public and creating interest in your café or restaurant. Easily cleaned.

Poster style A-board – The edges open so you can insert daily messages and posters advertising specials and promotions. This type of sign is very useful for the business that has a lot of specials or is constantly changing their advertisement messages.

Sliding Panel A-Frame – An A-Frame built with the ability to have sliding panels which can be interchanged on a regular basis to promote and convey different messages to the public.

All of our A-Frames are made from powder coated steel, designed to be lightweight yet durable and easy to relocate, yet sturdy enough for those windy days.

Contact us today to discuss all your A-Frame needs.